P1 – P2

P1 and P2

Our topic this term is Let’s Go! We have had so much fun in dramatic play as we have our very own Carnlough CIPS Travel Agents. We have been exploring all the different methods of travel during Play Based Learning. We have also had a Garage in our outdoor area, where we have had the opportunity to fix and purchase lots of different vehicles.

In Numeracy we have been working on Position and Direction. The children have become Human Robots following instructions to secret destinations within our learning area.

This week we met next year’s P1 class. I hope they had as much fun as we did!

Thank you again to all the parents that have donated to toys and materials to enhance our learning this term. It is very much appreciated. We will be transforming our role play area into Santa’s Grotto next week, so any additional items will be greatly welcomed.

We hope you all have a fantastic time at the Christmas Craft Fair and enjoy the magical performance of our school play in a fortnight’s time.

Past News

This week we have had lots of fun in P1 and P2. We have been learning lots of lovely things about our topic, ‘What Shall I Wear?

In Play Based Learning we have been investigating, ‘The mystery shoe print,” and making fantastic sock puppets in the creative corners.

We read about Tattybogle, the lovely scarecrow in our literacy lessons, who has taught us all about the different seasons. Tattybogle even came into visit us in class. We were really excited and we able to label all his clothes, before the string wind blew them all away!

In numeracy we have been learning how to use Numicon to help us with our counting and adding for the P2 pupils. We also made some lovely scarves for Tattybogle after his were blown away by the wind!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and we will see you on Tuesday

P1 and P2 have had a super first half term this year. We have been working really hard on our topic, ‘What shall I wear?’ with lots of investigations, experiments and dressing up! In numeracy we have been working on measure and patterns. 

Mrs O’Reilly set us a special mission during Maths week, which meant we were able to get very messy in the paint while completing our measuring mission. The conker tree in the yard has provided us with endless fun. We have been collecting and experimenting with all the lovely autumn materials that we have found in our playground.

Conker phonics has been great! Halloween is Miss McAloon’s favourite time of the year, so she transformed our role-play area into a spook-tacular fancy dress shop. In Play based-learning we have been busy making potions, painting, hammering and carving pumpkins too! We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.