P3 – P4

P3 and P4

Would you let a pigeon drive a bus? We have been working on persuasive writing this half term and some of us were convinced to let a pigeon drive a bus! We have been learning about opinions and how to explain them in order to persuade someone. We received a very curious email from Peppermint McGingles (Chief Elf) who stated that due to the high volume of children on the nice list that Santa may need some small people to provide extra help this year. We have completed an application and are waiting for a response. You may see some of these elves in the classroom!

During Activity Based Learning we have been working on creating a toy museum as part of our new theme ‘Toy Story’. We have also created a questionnaire to ask parents and grandparents about toys from the past.

We have been working very hard on addition and subtraction in Numeracy and are focusing on using mental maths strategies to help us.

Past News

P3 and 4 have been working on report writing in Literacy. We have been reading and sorting reports, learning about the features of reports and taking part in group activities to record facts.

We had fantastic fun completing our Maths Week challenge. We thought of lots of ways to prove who was the tallest in our class. Some methods were more accurate and successful than others. Our topic work has included work on joints and bones and we completed a science investigation to discover why our biceps bulge!

We enjoyed our first Shared Education days with our partner schools. We developed our ICT skills and loved meeting up with our friends from other schools.