January 2022

Read on to hear out about our January events and to see what is happening in February!

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Theme for the Month: New Beginnings  

‘Although no one can go back and make a brand new beginning, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.’

Carl Bard

As we start a brand new year we look back over all our achievements, work and play and look forward to starting afresh in a new year. We have talked about and made some achievable resolutions and have thought about how we can make 2022 a great year. New beginnings give us the chance to try again. We don’t know what lies ahead for us but we do know that we can learn from past mistakes and use this to help us be better people.

After Schools Provision

We are delighted to offer a new term timetable for after school provision. Please keep note of the timetable provided which details days, times and classes involved.

Healthy Happy Minds

Following the launch of the recent Department of Education ‘Healthy Happy Minds’ pilot initiative, we would like to inform you about a fantastic service that we will soon be offering in school. The Healthy Happy Minds pilot allows for well-being services, provided by Larne Well-Being Hub, to be provided to pupils, during this financial year. It is planned that this service will commence from February and run on a weekly basis until March 2022.

The confidential service will offer children (that request it) individual access to the well-being drop-in provided parental consent has been provided for service use. Drop-in sessions are 15-20minute long check-ins and can vary in duration depending on the need of the child. Areas that the services can help with include working with fears, sadness, grief, well-being, self-confidence, relationships with peers etc. The scheme will be advertised inside of school so that school staff and children are able to refer into it by:

  1. Speaking to their class teacher
  2. Speaking to (designated contact)
  3. Posting a note in the ‘post box’ or worry box/class postbox

School staff can assist all children with the referral. Parents can also inform staff if they feel the well-being check ins are something that their child may benefit from. Parents/guardians will be required to opt in should their child wish to avail of the well-being sessions. This is a great opportunity for our pupils to avail of specialised support which will take place in familiar surroundings on school premises during the school day. Consent forms will be given to all children and if you wish to opt-in, please sign and return to school.

Clothes Bin

As we talk about new beginnings and the imminent arrival of Spring, if anyone is clearing out or spring cleaning please remember that we can take old clothes, bedclothes, shoes, jackets, material, etc. in our recycling bin. This provides additional funding to school funds which of course is used to benefit all our children. Many thanks!

Post-Primary Admissions

It is the time of year when lots of post-primary schools are hosting open days/evenings albeit virtually or remotely. The online EA Post-Primary Application portal will open at 12 noon on 1st February 2022 and close at 4pm on 23rd February 2022 for Year 8 post-primary applications. When the application window opens parents will be able to click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to access the portal on the EA website www.eani.org.uk/admissions. Applications are not considered on a first come, first served basis. Parents who are awaiting results of entrance tests for their child, from test providers on Saturday 5th  February 2022, may complete the registration process and partially complete an application, if desired, coming back to complete the remaining details after results are received. Alternatively, you may wish to wait until results are received before starting their application. The application window is open until 4pm on 23rd February and applications will not be considered by post primary schools until after the closing date. Admissions Criteria for all post-primary schools is now accessible on the website at https://www.eani.org.uk/parents/admissions/search-admissions-criteria  and I would encourage parents to take time to read the criteria for all schools they are considering listing as a preference in preparation for completing their application. If a parent has a query about the published admissions criteria for any school they can contact the post-primary school. If we can assist in any way, please email your queries and we will assist as best we can.


We love to celebrate all our success both at school and outside of school. We were delighted to learn that news of our pupils’ efforts to look after their community has been picked up by a Scottish newspaper who reposted our school Facebook post. We take part in the Keep NI Beautiful campaign of ‘Adopt a Spot’. We are so keen to make sure our spot stays spotless. It was lovely to have our efforts recognised and will spur us on to keep our wee patch looking beautiful and to keep it safe for us and our wildlife!


It was great to have the opportunity to get some feedback from parents recently. We value our parental input and partnership as we work together to benefit our pupils. It was a chance to answer some great questions and to now share that information with everyone. Here are some of the answers to those questions:

  • Swimming has been permitted for the first time in 2 years. As usual our swimming slot is in Term 3. Therefore, swimming will commence week beginning 25th April for all children in P5/6/7
  • We have been working behind the scenes on establishing our new Shared Education partnership with Glenann PS. We are excited to develop a new partnership and look forward to upcoming teacher meets and hopefully a pupil meet in Term 3
  • We have been eagerly waiting for restrictions to begin easing so that we can safely engage in more activities that have unfortunately been on hold. This has been to keep not only our pupils safe, but also our families, friends and community. We would love you to get your thinking caps on and give some suggestions for educational visits. Watch this space for upcoming voting on where our next trip should be! A little reminder of where we have enjoyed visits to so far so as not to repeat; Rathlin Island, W5, Titanic, The Curiosity, Carnfunnock, Watertop Farm, Ice hockey at the Odyssey, the cinema and Brooklyn Bay Diner! Excited to hear your ideas!

As always, if you have any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to make contact with the class teacher or principal.



  • Safer Internet day Tuesday 8th Feb
  • Take 5 Ambassador training KS2 Tuesday 8th Feb
  • Multiskills with Robert from MEA starts on 8th Feb every fortnight – consent forms to follow (during school hours)
  • Mid-term break Monday 14th Feb – Fri 18th Feb incl.
  • IFA Sports skills (all classes) beginning Fri 25th Feb (during school hours)
  • First Confession Tuesday 8th March
  • Patrick’s Day holiday 17th -18th March incl.

Please ensure all monies are brought to school in a clearly marked envelope or purse. School fund is voluntary and suggested at £1 per family per week. Please also ensure dinner money is paid in full by Friday of each week.


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