Covid-19 Update

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Following the announcement by DENI Minister this week that all schools will close from Monday 23rd March 2020 as a precaution to prevent spread and contamination of Covid-19 – may I remind you that SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED FROM MONDAY 23rd MARCH 2020.

At the same time, we must be realistic about what the expectations will be on all front-line staff – of which teachers and school staff are now classed.

As indicated by the Minister this morning, schools will be open to those key workers where they cannot find alternative childcare. We will endeavour to offer limited day-care provision from 9am for only those children whose parents are key-workers and have exhausted all other options for their child’s care.

We must stress that the best way to keep everyone safe (children, staff and your loved ones) is to keep your child at home, practicing social distancing and exceptional hygiene. So, please consider:

  • your work role, days and hours of supervision required
  • is your partner or family member working from home and is therefore able to provide childcare

We know there will be a number of you who will identify as those key-workers that have no alternative options left for your child-care. So, once we have received further guidance from the Department of Education, we will offer spaces available for such child-care, based on the resources available to us.

This is a time when we should all be coming together for the greater good and we at Carnlough CIPS will step-up the best way we can.

The criteria set by the Department of Education can be found here –

We are currently trying to plan ahead to look at staffing levels, accommodation and resources. If you believe you fall into the category where parents meet this criteria please email: by 6:00pm Saturday 21st March stating how you believe you meet the Government criteria.

We will then contact you via email over Sunday to let you know of the plans for Monday morning.

Please remember, this is and continues to be an ever-changing situation. We are putting these plans in place based on our current information and guidance. If and when this changes, we will update you accordingly.

We are most grateful to these key-workers on the front line who are helping to fight this global pandemic. These are unprecedented times and we know everyone is digging deep to help support the national effort. Stay safe and keep your family safe.

C Mulholland                                 N Barakat

(Principal)                                     (Chair of Governors)