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Theme for the Month: Patience

‘Have patience. Everything is difficult before it is easy.’

Dalai Lama


In a world where technology demands speed and the pressure to produce immediate results is all around us, being patient is tough. Often, when the pressure is on, we can make snap decisions that we might regret. With a little patience, we can stop to consider the impact of the decisions we make and how they could affect others.  During the season of Lent we are waiting and preparing for Easter. Some do this by giving something up or by doing something positive for Lent. This too requires patience. It is good to remember the sacrifices people make for us and to always be thankful for them. We celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend and we are thankful for all the sacrifices our mum’s, mother figures and the strong women in our lives have made for us. We too are thankful for the patience they show.


Extended Schools

We are so delighted to see the continued support of our extensive afterschools programme. P4-7 enjoyed a trip to Ballymena cinema as part of Film club. The children gave some great reviews for the film they watched. Thanks to Mrs Adams for organising this alongside IntoFilm. We will be drawing up a new timetable for afterschool provision for Term 3 which will commence after Easter. All suggestions welcome!


Shared Education

It has been a busy month for Shared Education. We loved hosting the P3/4 classes from our partner schools and enjoyed two super days learning about Chinese New Year. P5/6/7 travelled to Seaview for their second meet of the year and engaged in a variety of PE and PDMU activities. P1/2 will enjoy their first meet of the year this Friday for a day of fairytale fun. We were delighted to welcome the district inspector to observe our Shared Education provision this week and she was very happy with all she saw; from the strong bonds the children have made through to the high quality planning and evaluation by the teachers involved. She commented upon the use of Shared education, allowing teachers the time to continually develop their skills which are positively impacting the children we teach. Well done everybody!



500 words

Well done to all the children who entered BBC Radio 2’s story writing competition. We look forward to building upon this in the future. We are eagerly waiting to hear back to see if we were successful, fingers crossed!


World Book Day #shareastory

World Book day is a major event on our school calendar and we loved celebrating our love of books and reading! After a fabulous fancy dress parade, we enjoyed a day jam packed with book activities including a Where’s Wally treasure hunt, a bumper book quiz, listening to some of the authors who wrote this year’s book token books and P1-4 even had a mystery reader in the classroom! It was a wonderful day, the children blew us away with their creativity and with the excellent teamwork that was displayed throughout the day! Don’t forget your token can get you a free book from the poster in school and are available at many book retailers including Waterstones in Ballymena.


Class Council

We held a class council meeting this month which gives all our pupils a voice in how decisions are made in our school. We discussed our charity for the year, fundraising ideas, playground routines and play areas in the playground. These ideas will be taken to the school council meeting via our school council reps and will be further discussed. We look forward to hearing what the council have agreed upon.


Integrated Education Month

This month is Integrated Education Month. We are immensely proud of our integrated status and all that it stands for. Our children learn, laugh, play, love and grow alongside one another and therefore are being prepared for future life; citizens with empathy and understanding, mutual respect and self-confidence. This year the theme is ‘Everybody Outstanding’ and in Carnlough CIPS we will be completing some outstanding challenges as part of our celebrations. Keep an eye on social media and website for info and photos!


Road Safety

We had an assembly this week to discuss road safety as part of our year round preventative curriculum. Everyone has a part to play in road safety and we strongly advise parents and carers to avoid parking on double yellow lines or in front of the school crossing patrol. The children have been designing some thought provoking posters which we hope to display in the future.


Larne FC #aspiretoinspire

We had a visit from two professional footballers who play for Larne FC along with the commercial director. We have been asked to take part in their new development plan which includes the redevelopment of the stadium in Larne. Our football mad pupils were delighted and are looking forward to designing a flag for our school which will be flown at future football matches at the stadium. #teamcarnloughcips



  • Integrated Education Month - March
  • Shared Education trip P1/2 –Friday 9th March and Friday 16th March
  • First Confession Tuesday 20th March @1pm
  • Residential P6/7 to Carrowmena 21st-23rd March
  • Easter Holidays – school will finish for Easter at 11.00am on Wed 28th March.
  • Term 3 begins Mon 9th April
  • Tempest school photographer Tuesday 10th April – notes to follow
  • Please ensure all monies are brought to school in a clearly marked envelope or purse and any outstanding afterschool money is brought into school


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