P3 – P4

P3 and P4

Learning about houses and homes has been great fun so far. We are loving all the construction elements to our Activity Based Learning. We have learnt types of houses, went on a discovery walk to find those house types in the village and constructed our own houses and homes. We enjoyed making our own sayings about homes but our favourite one was ‘Home is where the heart is’.

In Literacy we have been learning newspaper reports as part of the recount writing genre. We have been exploring the features including headlines, photos and captions, five fancy facts and quotes. We loved creating our Goldilocks newspaper report using Talking Tins and the story map we created. Look out for any big bad wolves as I have a feeling there will be some newspaper reports about him shortly!

Miss Mulholland has been very impressed with our Numeracy and maths work. Our body maths investigation was great fun. Did you know twice the measurement of your wrist is about the same as the measurement of your neck? P4 have been working hard on accurate measuring using centimetres. Our maths week puzzles and ‘Maths Eyes’ Project has been so much fun.


Past News

P3 and P4

We have settled into the P3/4 classroom brilliantly and are loving all our new learning! Who knew New Wave Mental Maths would be so much fun!? Our new theme ‘My Place and Yours’ is very exciting. We have planned our topic together and are learning lots of new things already. We took a walk around Carnlough to photograph lots of different types of houses. We are finding out the difference between a house and a home. We are going to be setting up an estate agency in Activity Based Learning.

P3 and 4 are also learning how to be a newspaper reporter as we explore recount writing. We enjoyed recounting the story of the Goldilocks using our talking tins to record our speech. Miss Mulholland is very proud of how well her class have settled in and how hard they are working, well done!


P3 and P4

Our theme of ‘Jungle Journeys’ has great fun so far and we are all learning so much. In activity based learning we have learning about the layers of the rainforest and the plants and animals that live in each layer. We know what plants need to survive and we will be learning about how the plants in the rainforest adapt to survive the climate. We are constructing a shoebox jungle working in teams.

We are doing lots of lovely literacy learning for narrative writing including alliteration and similes. We are working on poems and their features. We loved performing our Kennings poems and creating our sensory poems was great fun. Turbo the Giant African land snail was used to compose a shape poem. Our Spring acrostic poems brighten up any dull day!

Miss Mulholland is super impressed with the marvellous maths that has been going on in P3&4. We really enjoyed conducting a traffic survey and we would like to repeat the survey and compare the results. We are going to create and conduct a whole school survey on favourite jungle animals. P3 are working very hard on adding and subtracting tens and units and P4 have been wowing us with their magnificent multiplication.


P3 and P4

P3/4 are super excited about Jungle Journeys, our new theme! We were shocked to find 5 new additions to our classroom; a Giant African Land Snail called Turbo and four super stick insects, still to be named! We have started to develop our map skills by locating where we live and where rainforests are located. We are learning about continents and oceans. We will be exploring climate, food, people, animals and more through our jungle theme.

In Numeracy P4 have been working very hard on multiplying, using multiplication to solve word problems and practising their times tables with lots of fun games! P3 are learning to add tens and units and Miss Mulholland has been very impressed with the numeracy strategies being used.

This half term we will be exploring narrative writing through poetry and are looking forward to using all our jungle knowledge to compose some wonderful pieces of poetry. We will be using both art and music alongside our poems to be really creative and get our imaginations flowing!

P3 and P4

As we come to the end of our theme ‘Food Glorious Food’ we have been learning about food chains; producers, consumers, prey. We enjoyed creating some food chain art in Activity Based Learning.  We know how to make good choices for a balanced plate of food and know how much of each food group we should have.

P3 and 4 have been learning about explanation writing and are able to explain how something works or why something happens! We love the word ‘why?’ Why do we use cutlery? Why do houses have windows? Why do we recycle? We will be using our explanation writing skills to explain the journey of food from field to fork.

Numeracy has been super exciting this month. P3 have been learning and using lots of mental maths strategies to calculate within 20 and are moving onto tens and units soon! P4 have been solving lots of problems and cracking codes using hundreds, tens and units and are super at solving word problems. We have started our work on multiplication and are very excited about his new area of learning!

P3 and P4

Food Glorious Food! Our new theme for this half term has been a big hit. We have planned lots of great learning through our theme on our KWL grids. Where does food come from? Are some foods made in a factory? What’s the most expensive food? In World Around Us and Activity Based learning we have been learning about making good choices. We know what foods are nutritious and which foods we should keep for a treat. We had great fun learning about where our food comes from. Did you know all food comes from either a plant or an animal? We are making a food pyramid for the 5 main food groups which should help us make good food choices for a healthy and balanced diet.

In literacy we are focusing on explanation writing this half term and enjoyed tasting some yummy honey after we read the ‘How Honey is Made’ explanation. We are working through the features of explanation writing and then we will be drafting, editing and writing our own.

P3 have been working very hard on their number facts to 20 and place value to 100. We are very good at using lots of mental maths strategies. P4 have had smoke coming from their pencils as they whizz through their hundreds, tens and units, especially if there is a code to be cracked or a problem to be solved.

P3 and P4

Through our theme ‘Safe and Sound’ we have been learning about the emergency services and how and when to contact them. We are enjoying our Activity Based Learning tasks; the emergency control room roleplay, construction and box modelling, and making our emergency detail cards.   

P3/4 have been learning about explanation writing and are able to explain how something works or why something happens! We love the word ‘why?’ Why do we use cutlery? Why do houses have windows? Why do we recycle? We will be using our explanation writing skills to produce safety posters and leaflets.

In Maths we have been exploring 3D shape, revising their properties and learning the names of some new 3D shapes. We are using our shapes to work on data handling and can sort for more than one criteria using the sorting diagrams. We are spotting real life 3D shapes all around us!


P3 and P4

We are coming to the end of our theme ‘Whatever the Weather’. In Activity Based Learning we are practising our weather reports ready to be filmed. We our finishing by making our very own weather instruments which we are linking with our instructional writing. We have been working hard on instructional writing and know about verbs. These bossy words tell us what to do and are needed when giving or writing instructions. Miss Mulholland has been very impressed with the excellent numeracy work going on in the P3/4 classroom especially in mental maths and seeing us use our maths strategies to help us calculate!

We saw a PowerPoint presentation all about New year and new year resolutions and have made our own resolution for 2018!


P3 and P4

We love our new theme ‘Whatever the Weather’. We have been exploring the seasons, the months of the year, maps and we will be writing our own weather forecasts which we will record. Watch out Angie and Barra! We have been learning how to write instructions and we will use these to make our own weather instruments.

In Numeracy we have loved making hundred square jigsaw puzzles and are working on place value. We have linked our Maths with our topic and our learning all about time; seasons, months, telling time in digital and analogue. This will help us with our topic work as well as presenting our own weather forecast.

If you could save a 2 litre bottle boys and girls which we need for making our own anemometers.


P3 and P4

Wow! What a busy half term! We have enjoyed two shared education days during which we played on some brilliant PE equipment, helped Invisible Sam to see his talents and abilities and learnt about leaves and seeds from the forest.

We used all our knowledge and information from Activity Based Learning to write a report about houses and homes. We have also been learning about proper nouns and have managed to beat our alphabet game time. We achieved a loop in 1.00 minute exactly!

We have loved our Maths Week challenges and games so much that our new favourite is three in a row. It helps us with our mental maths and allows helps us to use our strategies. We were ever so glad that we solved our entire Maths Halloween trail correctly and got a treat instead of a trick. Poor Miss Mulholland didn’t listen to the question properly so unfortunately she got a trick!!

In mathematics we have been learning to measure accurately using non-standard units and had great fun with our investigation of Giants and Fairies.

P3 and P4

P3 and 4 have been working on report writing in Literacy. We have been working on mind maps and taking part in group activities to record facts.

We have had great fun with our homemade alphabet game which we play against the timer.

We are trying hard to bet the super fast time of 1 minute 35 seconds! We are learning about our address as part of our theme ‘My Place and Yours’ so look out for something arriving in the post before Halloween.

Our Activity Based Learning work has included planning our dream bedrooms which we are going to create, setting up an estate agents and taking part in construction activities! In Maths we have been learning to measure using standard and non-standard units.

Do you know how many cubes long our desks are?  

P3 and P4

Would you let a pigeon drive a bus? We have been working on persuasive writing this half term and some of us were convinced to let a pigeon drive a bus! We have been learning about opinions and how to explain them in order to persuade someone. We received a very curious email from Peppermint McGingles (Chief Elf) who stated that due to the high volume of children on the nice list that Santa may need some small people to provide extra help this year. We have completed an application and are waiting for a response. You may see some of these elves in the classroom!

During Activity Based Learning we have been working on creating a toy museum as part of our new theme ‘Toy Story’. We have also created a questionnaire to ask parents and grandparents about toys from the past.

We have been working very hard on addition and subtraction in Numeracy and are focusing on using mental maths strategies to help us.

P3 and 4 have been working on report writing in Literacy. We have been reading and sorting reports, learning about the features of reports and taking part in group activities to record facts.

We had fantastic fun completing our Maths Week challenge. We thought of lots of ways to prove who was the tallest in our class. Some methods were more accurate and successful than others. Our topic work has included work on joints and bones and we completed a science investigation to discover why our biceps bulge!

We enjoyed our first Shared Education days with our partner schools. We developed our ICT skills and loved meeting up with our friends from other schools.