Remote Learning

In the event of an emergency school closure, pupils will be encouraged to continue to learn at home.

In the event of a closure, class teachers will direct parents to the learning overview for the time that school may be closed. We will encourage all pupils to read everyday and use online activities to improve mental recall. 

My School is the interface that all children and young people use in Northern Ireland to access online tools and applications. Your child will have a username and password to access the website. 

A guide to accessing MySchool can be found HERE

A guide to accessing Seesaw can be found HERE

Online Safety

New Online Safety App Launched

Safer Schools website  New App launched by the Department of Education to support Parents/Carers with online safety


QR codes and Entry codes  Codes needed to access app


Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership

CYP Resource Pack - April 2020 Resource pack for Children and Young People including ASD, disability, mental health, resilience, play, fitness and more



Oxford Owl has numerous e-books and other activities that support our reading scheme.

Libraries NI App has amazing access to e-books and e-magazines.

BBC Bitesize covers many topics that we cover in CIPS

Top Marks can be accessed from home.

Nursery Rhymes and Songs Nursery and Year One pupils will enjoy recalling rhymes and songs

Pobble 365  P3 - 7 This is a fantastic literacy based resource to help deepen children's creativity.

Family GoNoodle This is the family version of our favourite keep active program, lot of things to keep everyone busy.

World Stories World Stories is a growing collection of stories from around the world

Minecraft Education lots of activities and coding videos

Math Week Ireland lots of super fun math activities for all ages.

Fun non-screen activities Fun and simple non-screen activities to do at home

Screen Free Friday!

We are so proud of the work you have been completing, both using your home learning packs and work online! We are suggesting however, a little break from the screens each Friday! Once you have completed your Friday test, reading, mental maths, phonics, your core learning activities, we challenge you to put the screens away and enjoy some non-screen activities. We will add suggestions each week! Be creative, use your imagination and have lots of fun!

Fri 3rd Apr 20 Easter week

Fri 24th Apr 20 This week's screen free activities!

Fri 1st May 20 This week's screen free activities!

Fri 8th May 20 Screen Free Friday 8th May!

Fri 15th May 20 Screen Free Friday 15th May

Fri 22nd May Screen Free Friday 22nd May

Fri 29th May Screen Free Friday 29th May

Fri 12th June Screen Free Friday 12th June


Virtual Sports Day!

Click here to register to take part on Carnlough CIPS Sports Day at home! Sports Day 2020



Wellness Week 22 - 26th June!

Monday: Well-being week has begun with a 'My Year' activity. Every year we think about all we have enjoyed and achieved throughout the year. Then, when we get to P7, we have 7 years to look back on to see how we have grown and bloomed! It is wonderful to look back and see how you have changed since P1!
This year has been different but it is important to remember these unusual times. Your activity is on Seesaw and there are lots of fun ways to record your thoughts about your school year! 😀

Tuesday: Have fun on your virtual trip to Dublin Zoo!

Wednesday and Thursday: We have been busy planning and preparing to welcome our amazing pupils back to school after the summer holidays.
We know school will look a little different. We also know how brilliant our pupils will be at helping to keep us all safe.
We would love you to design some posters to remind us of the key safety messages we will be following like hand washing, keep safe distances, not touching our nose and mouth. We want to display your great work in school!
We would love you to make some brightly coloured rainbow strips to mark the floor areas! Rainbows were a sign of hope during lockdown and they will be a sign of happiness when we are all back together! Details on your Seesaw 🌈

Friday:Wishes and Worries

Sometimes worry feels like little bubbles inside our mind. We can feel worry in our tummies, in our brains, or pretty much anywhere inside our bodies. This activity is designed to help us release worry bubbles so that we feel more calm and relaxed.

1. Think about what might worry you as we look towards the new school year. Write or draw your worries in the bubble on the template attached.

2. Get your bottle of bubbles (from school pack) 3. Think about the worry that is bothering you and picture that you are blowing the worry into the bubble as you blow a bubble.

3. Picture the worry inside the bubble.

4. Watch it float away and pop, carrying the worry far, far from you.

5. Know that the worry has popped and is outside of you now, unable to bother you any more.

6. Keep blowing bubbles until you feel more calm and relaxed.

Wishes 1. Now think of a 'wish' that you have for the coming school year. This could be something that you want to work on in school, a skill you want to learn or improve or a hobby/activity outside school.

2. Draw or write your wish on the wand template attached.