February 2020

Welcome to our monthly newsletter. We are very excited to welcome you back to another school year and fill you in on upcoming events!

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Theme for the Month: Change

"Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something good but you may gain something better!”


As we begin a new school year like no other, we are very aware of all the changes we have had to make. Everything that has been put in place has been done so to keep everyone safe. We are so impressed with how well our superstars have adapted to these transitional arrangements. Some of us find change difficult and change can make us feel anxious. It is ok to feel this way. We know who we can talk to in school to help us deal with our feelings. We know how important it is to make time to communicate with one another to help us understand our feelings and to work through them.


We are very pleased to welcome everyone back for the new school year. We especially welcome our new families to Carnlough Integrated PS. The Primary One children have settled into school life with such ease, you should be very proud of them! Well done boys and girls.


Clothes labels

Please ensure items of school uniform are clearly marked with names/name tag. It is impossible to keep track of items if they are not clearly named.


Clothes Bin

We had our clothes recycling bin emptied a few times last year and were so pleased to receive money to boost our school funds so many thanks for your continued support. We would be grateful if you keep this in mind when clearing out clothes, materials, bedclothes, shoes etc.


Safeguarding Team

Our pupils’ care, safety and well-being is our top priority. Our whole school team are trained to support pupils in school and are led by Mrs O’Reilly as Designated Teacher, Miss Mulholland Deputy Designated Teacher, Ms N Barakat (Chair of Governors) and Mrs R McCormick (Safeguarding Governor).



As we start the new year we ask that when doing the school run you are mindful of parking. We are fortunate to have a school crossing patrol. In order for the crossing patrol to operate successfully and safely cars should not double park, park on footpaths or park in a way the obstructs the view along the road. Carnlough village traffic has steadily increased over the years and we all have a responsibility to ensure our children get to and from school safely. Please ensure this message is passed onto any who picks up the children throughout the school week.


Attendance and Punctuality

This is a gentle reminder that school is open for children from 8.40am. P1 and 2 children go to the mobile classroom. Lessons begin at 8.50am. This is one of the changes we have had to implement in response to Covid-19. Children should be in school, ready to begin for 8.50am. This is essential to help them to be organised and ready and so they do not miss essential learning. All updated information from the Chief Medical Officer detailing when a child should or should attend school has been emailed and is also available via the school website. All absences should be reported to school via a written note or phone call to the office. If a pupils’ attendance falls below 85% the Education Welfare Officer will contact parents/carers.



Cold and flu season is upon us! We kindly ask if each family could donate a box or two of tissues for the classrooms. These will be gratefully received!


Free School Meals

Every year lots of parents miss out on free school meals entitlement. If you meet the threshold criteria you can receive FSM. School also receives funding for this. Forms are completed online and need to be submitted to the EA as soon as possible. Until the school receives documentation from the EA that an application has been processed, parents are liable for the charge. Forms also available on EA website.



Congratulations to two of our families who welcomed new arrivals over the last few months. Welcome baby Reagyn and baby Jack! Congratulations to all the boys and girls who have received sacraments this month. We are very proud of you!


Dates for the Diary!

  • Friday 25th September – Staff Development Day. No school for pupils
  • P1 first full day - Monday 5th October. Pick up from Gate A at 2pm
  • School fund is as important and most gratefully received now more than ever. A donation of £1 per family can be paid each Monday
  • Maths Week Ireland - Mon 12th October



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